If you do not like the bouquets on "Bouquet" page, here you can select the flowers you like to form a bouquet for yourself.

1. to 'Flower Market' page to select mean flowers & filler and then back to this page
  to select the packaging.

2. fill the order form below and submit to us.

Hints :

  • You may select one or two types of mean flowers. If you want to select more than two, please
    ask us on web or by phone/WhatsApp (9511 9923).

  • You may select one to six types of filler, and the quantity should be about six to eight packs, depends on the type & quantity of mean flowers and the packaging you selected.

  • We suggest you to select the type of mean flowers and filler, and let us arrange the filler. We will suggest the best to you according to your selection.

  • Budget --- In the "Flower Market" page, you can also see the price of mean flowers and filler. You can sum up and plus the Delivery Charge and Packaging charge (HK$80 per bunch) to get the total amount. We will confirm with you again when you place order.

  • The total amount of each bouquet must over HK$200


Packaging style   There are nine base styles:

Round scattlered

Round centralize

Round Concentric

Diamond Scattlered

Diamond centralize

Diamond in row

Oblong scattlered

Oblong centralize

Oblong in row

Packaging tone :

The Bow :

Paper bow

Straw bow

Non-woven bow
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